Math Programs

Math Assistance/Group Tutoring Program (partiallly sponsor by Edison)

We help junior or high school students review and understand key concepts that they learned from the schools and make up what they have not fully understand, and help them thoroughly master the concepts with specially-selected exercises. Students in our program do not need to stay up for math homework and are getting better grades in math.

The program covers the following math subjects:

  1. Pre-Algebra

  2. Algebra I

  3. Geometry

  4. Algebra II

  5. Trigonometry

  6. Pre-calculus

  7. Calculus

  8. Calculus AP

Math Olympic Class  (training for effective mathematical thinking and contests)

Sunday 4pm - 6pm,   8th-8  th grades during public school time

Sunday 2pm - 4pm,  4rd – 6th grades during public school time

The students will participate in the Math contests (Mathcount and math League Contest, which are not offered by Alhambra School District).

By the way, one of the 9th grade students in Math Olympic Class has been invited to represent US to participate math competition internationally in June of 2016, She has been in the Math Olympic class for more than 3 years and she had been performing well in the Math League competition of 2015 in California.Congratulation to Arora Zeng! Job well done.

Math League is a Math competition for elementarymiddle, and high school students in the United StatesCanada, and other countries. The Math League was founded in 1977 by two high school mathematics teachers, Steven R. Conrad and Daniel Flegler.[1] Math Leagues, Inc. publishes old contests through a series of books entitled Math League Press. The purpose of the Math League Contests is to provide students "an enriching opportunity to participate in an academically-oriented activity" and to let students "gain recognition for mathematical achievement".

Math Star Program

Do you want to be a proud parent of a Math Star?

43% of 4th graders in Singapore achieved advanced level in Math and only 13% of 4th graders in US did so,  according to trends in International Mathematics and Science Study in 2011. Do you want your children to achieve an advanced level in Math? The MathStar program is one of the options. The goal of this program is to fully develop students’ math talents and potentials as early as possible with guided practice on well-designed Singapore Primary Mathematics Curriculum,  which is the world's highest-ranking mathematics program. so your children are able to easily get better math grades at school and beyond.

K-6th grade students; 1-2 hours/session, 2 sessions/week; Mon.-Sat. 3:00- 6:00pm

Math Assistance, Tutoring and Enrichment
626-280-6368,  605 N. New Ave, #A, Monterey Park, CA 91755 Mon.- Fri.: 2:30 - 6:30 pm,  Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm